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Become a part of our exciting collective events & projects! 

Our intention for Soul Voice® creating collective events and projects is both to showcase the creative and transformative power of the VOICE, as well as invite the wider communities ~ people of all walks of life & cultures ~ to participate in our initiatives such as

‘Pilot projects for Children and Teenagers’;
‘Active Sound Healing Concerts’;
‘Rituals & Performances’;
‘Sound Healing Meditations & Sustainability’;
‘Telepathic Sound Healing to the Elements’
and more…

always with our intention to support and create a sustainable and balanced planet in UNITY.

The current Collective Events and Projects are listed below:

Saturday June 29, 2024
Launching an Active Soul Voice® Sound Healing Concert
in ‘Koncertkirken’ (‘the Concert Church’), Copenhagen, Denmark @ 19.30 - 21.30

Facilitated and performed by:
Asger Steenholdt, Yasmin Steenholdt, Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner, Astrid Nora, Soul Voice® Practitioner in Training and
Karina Schelde, Founder of the Soul Voice® Method.

Come and join us in an experiential sound healing concert where you can relax into an experience of receiving the healing sounds from the performers with a possibility of participating with your own unique voice frequencies in a part of this journey.

Soul Voice® Sound-Healing-Concert-Denmark

You can participate no matter your background : ‘If you have a voice you can sing and sound’ ~ come and play! Poems will be interwoven into the sound healing ‘songs’ which will support the audience to listen deeper, followed by experimental sounding and a liberation of expression.
An individual journey and an uplifting experience of listening, clearing and cleansing the body, mind and spirit in a safe, relaxed and guided environment.

The sounds which are expressed are not necessarily harmonious and can go into dissonant sounding. In the Soul Voice® method it is not possible to express a wrong sound or a false note; all sounds and tones have a message for you.

It is our intention to allow this unique inner journey to open the audience to a greater self awareness of the immense healing power that is hidden in the human VOICE.
Restore and rejuvenate supported by a unifying collective field!

There will be an opportunity for a short sharing of the experience after the concert. An unforgettable Soul Voice® Experience for ‘open-minded-souls’.

To purchase  Streamtickets – Active Soul Voice® LIVE Soundhealing Concert from 29.6 2024: Click here

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I started my personal journey with Soul Voice® in 2009 while I was teaching in a public school and I immediately found so helpful to have such a method to support me with those stressful situation that inevitably occur when working with teenagers. At the same time I soon realized that students could take advantage from learning some basic techniques to manage their anxiety. So I started to share with them some simple Soul Voice® practices now and then during my classes. The students trusted me though they were puzzled when I asked them to make some deep breaths or some sort of sounds, but they had to recognize that they felt better even after a 2-3 minutes practice.

A few years after, following my soul calling, I quitted school as a teacher. I was happy in my new job, but a part of me wondered how I could continue to help students to overcome their stress and anxiety. Deep in myself there was the belief that children and teenagers are our future: how could I help them become the better version of themselves? I had an idea and I told it to Karina who immediately agreed with me and together we started a pilot project for schools. 

My idea was to create a path where sounds would be the basis for children and teenagers to explore their emotions. A simple approach which could be adapted to different ages and needs.

I proposed the project to the schools in my town and some of them approved it, so I started my new adventure in school. On my new first day at school I was very emotional: would students trust me now that I was not anymore their teacher? Would the teacher understand my approach?
I knew the answer a few weeks after. I was in a primary school waiting in the hallway for the time to enter the classroom. The bell rang, a child opened the classroom door and, as soon as he saw me, he rocketed back into the classroom shouting to his classmates with joy, “The emotion teacher has arrived!” There I understood that I was in the right place at the right time.
Now, after a pandemic has distanced us from one another, forced children into previously unimaginable restrictions, and technology is ruling our days by keeping us engaged in virtual contacts, it is increasingly necessary to teach children how to remain human. And I do not know a better way to do it but to teach them to give voice to their inner cry, whether it be of pain or of joy.

Click here to see all children’s paintings

Viria Romagnoli, Italy, Accredited Soul Voice® Teacher & Certified Practitioner

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Collective telepathic sound healing to the Waters on Earth

The project started in the summer of 2023 at a Soul Voice® Practitioner’s Training in France. During a collective telepathic sound healing to the Water some of us had such profound experiences that we felt the calling to work with this on a more regular basis. Our group meets monthly for an online collective sound healing to increase our consciousness about water by sending our highest healing sound frequencies to specific waters on the planet such as oceans, coral reefs, rivers, waterfalls and creeks that are polluted and stagnated by chemicals and garbage.
During this sound healing meditation, we sound into the water within our body and cells, to the water in our environments and to the deep ocean and all the waters of the Earth. We discovered an inseparable connection between our physical and emotional state of being and the state of the water outside of us. Our body consists of at least 70% water, our brain even of 90%. By acknowledging the purifying and rejuvenating effect water has on our body and mind we learn a lot about the qualities of water like flow, flexibility, depth and purification. Water is the element representative of the fluid nature of the body, mind and spirit. Our emotions and our intuition are connected to the element of water, our grief is expressed in tears, therefore sound healing to our inner emotions and waters is inseparably connected to healing our outer world. During our meditations we have witnessed the incredible soul and beauty of water that teaches us a lot when we are really listening. We have felt the wisdom of whales and the playfulness of the dolphins shine through our sounds and frequencies.

The aim of the water project is to collect and document our experiences in an empiric way to record the profound influence sound and intention has on the water. Masaru Emoto’s work in this was really powerful to show how an intention put into the water formed harmonic or disharmonic water crystal patterns, depending on whether the intention was positive or negative. Adding the element of sound to a positive intention can further intensify and permeate the water in us and around us, as sound is the principal creative force in the universe.


Our basic intention with this project is that by documenting and communicating our experiences and findings we will initiate a process, much like a pebble dropped into water, that will allow the ripples to flow and expand outwards in ever widening circles.
Our idea is to get more and more people to reconnect to water as the source of life and deepen their experience with water’s teachings and blessings, as they offer love and healing through sound to the waters in return. Our vision is that one person after another will begin adding their sacred voice and intentions to water, creating greater and greater awareness and elevating the connection and consciousness of all humanity through re-connection to this precious life source.

We are currently discussing an online blog for our sharings, articles and inspirational art relating to water and we foresee the development of online and in-person water rituals, meditations, soundings and grief circles to involve others in this powerful work. We are also looking into collaborating with other already established ecological and water conscious groups to bring our contributions together in shared projects so that our ideas can expand in circles like a pebble dropped into water.

Janet Openshaw, South Africa and Bärbel Kühn, The Netherlands, both Soul Voice® Practitioners in Training (Upgraded PCP)

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“Discovering the Purpose” Project

Last year we did a project called “Peace Tour” in seven churches of Switzerland. To sound for peace brought people in contact with the power of their voice, with a knowing that we can change the world by sending out our intentions with the help of frequencies. By sounding we could also receive other people’s cries and could spread deep empathy into the ether. The next Soul Voice® project we plan is also about bringing people in contact with their voice and with their true self. We wish to find places and rooms where people already gather, for example to discuss some sustainable topics, and introduce sound work there.

Discovering the Purpose

We will make clear what the benefits of the sound work will be: That they can bring themselves in essence into the world and not just touching the surface. Being human is more than just having nice fingernails and fancy clothes, more than just travelling around and tell everyone on X where we have been and to show how many selfies we have taken. Being human is also about remembering who we truly are and what we came for on Planet Earth. It is about seeing behind the curtains and to deeply understand the ongoing play. It is about living life on all levels with the highest consciousness possible. This is what our next project will be about: Discovering the Purpose.

Charlotte Intartaglia,
Switzerland, Soul Voice® Practitioner in Training ( Upgraded PCP) and Martin Ackermann

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A fire of sound.
A source of inspiration and passion, of warmth and community.
A firelight that touches and warms us for 2 days and 2 nights.

Two pieces of wood burn better than one and the more people there are, the more beautiful and powerful the energy of the sound that moves and connects us becomes.

You can come and go.
You can, no, you should join in, listen, lie down, let yourself drift, think and dream.

The aim is to create a powerful sound sculpture that will continue to resonate within us after the actual extinction.

Carolina Rueegg
Germany, Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner (Upgraded PCP)

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During the AS2L training held in October 2023 in Barcelona, an idea was proposed to sound in nature during the spring equinox period, and to capture this experience with both video and audio recordings. These recordings are to be made in a location close to where each person lives and where they feel a special connection with the natural elements.

The group met on Zoom in early March to reconnect with each other. Before the Zoom, we meditated together with the intention: what does nature mean to you? What does it have to tell you? We gave sound to the feelings that arose and then listened for insights. Our experiences of this meditation was shared during the call.

Some of the experiences included: releasing old things, trust, patience, relaxation, coming home, lifeforce & strength, inner peace & quiet within, taking time for myself, inspiration, grounding, to connect with myself. One insight that was spoken was that our voice is part of nature and we can use this to heal our broken parts.

Each person then took their experience and brought it to the recording process during the equinox time. The recordings are now to be combined into a larger group project which will showcase a kaleidoscope of many different co-creative voices. This final collective version will offer unique soundscapes and images from different cultures, countries, natural environments and seasons from different places around the world. Enjoy the result and be inspired.

Wietske Vergroesen, The Netherlands and Prune Ludi, Switzerland, Certified Soul Voice® Practitioners

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Spring Equinox Projects


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