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Our Soul Voice® Foundation offers funds to Certified Practitioners and Teachers for their creative projects and events that support the work of Soul Voice® allowing more people to discover the creative and transformative power of the voice.

The Soul Voice® Foundation

Vision Statement for the Foundation:

“The primary goal of the Foundation is to support the spread of the Soul Voice® method.
The Foundation will reach its goals by researching, developing and tailoring specific programs aimed at schools, businesses and various institutions. It will also set up collective events such as Soul Voice® concerts, performances, rituals and conferences promoting the method.
We aim to make a significant difference to humanity’s health, well-being and sustainable evolutionary development through the Soul Voice® method.”

The Soul Voice® Foundation was established on July 7th 2023 in Roosendaal, the Netherlands with Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner Terry Elsten as representative for the Foundation.

The Foundations’s board members are:

  • Terry Elsten, The Netherlands, Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner, (Upgraded PCP)
  • Zoe Angellis, Germany, Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner (Upgraded PCP)
  • Prune Ludi, Switzerland, Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner
  • Ruth Danziger, Canada,  Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner
  • Karina Schelde, Founder of the Soul Voice® Method

Stichting Soul Voice Foundation Netherlands Chamber of Commerce nbr. 91136504

Karina Schelde Soul Voice®
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