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Karina Schelde is a compelling and dynamic international presenter and workshop leader, a teacher & a visionary, whose presence, passion and grace inspires all she comes in contact with. A powerful leader, Karina’s determination and compassion goes beyond what we think is possible and push boundaries of what we believe to be true, making her such an impressive and captivating individual.

She is a pioneer of a ground-breaking therapeutic voice and sound healing modality, Soul Voice® with professional backgrounds and qualifications in bodywork, counselling, breathwork, shamanic healing, acting and stage directing. From a very young age, Karina had a burning desire to support humanity to find their true self behind all the layers and to live their full potential & truth guided by an ancient voice medicine.

There is a longing in human beings to fully
open up their voice, to communicate the truth.
There is a cry deep within our hearts
that wants to be heard, a longing to
free our greatest potential through the voice.
It is the most powerful tool available
for the healing of humanity and
in significantly shifting consciousness.’

Karina Schelde

‘For each experience we go through in life, the body keeps memories, which are like records encoded in sound frequencies’.

Karina has taught Soul Voice®  in over 25 countries and touched thousands of people with her leading-edge modality Soul Voice®.

She is the author of 3 books, “The Magic Power in the Human Voice”, “Expression into Freedom” and “Soul Voice”, which has been published in 8 languages. Karina has been interviewed on television, radio programs and podcasts worldwide, produced sound healing CDs, instructional videos and audiobooks.

Karina continues to teach seminars and educational programs, certifying both practitioners and teachers in her method. She has created a worldwide community of professionals, who aim to create a powerful support network around the planet to spread the work.

Image above: Karina Schelde’s first book
(1988 Kaleo Publishing, Hawaii) is currently out of print: ‘The Magic Power in the Human Voice”

Karina Schelde Soul Voice®
Karina Schelde Soul Voice®

The human voice is superior to
any other instrument because
it has heart and soul and thus
it has consciousness.
Our voice is a microcosmic
intelligence through which
our spiritual resonance is expressed.
Our voice has a unique soul
print that since birth we have
been yearning to express.’

Karina Schelde

Soul Voice® is an effective and proven modality that focuses on the use of vibrational frequencies through the power of the voice, to reduce stress, enhance well-being, clear blocks, trauma, negative beliefs and patterns, alter consciousness, liberate creative expression and create a deep sense of peace and a better overall health through various exercises, techniques and practices unique to the Soul Voice® method.

The emphasis is on the voice but also the whole body both physically and energetically.

The work influences the 5 inner systems: the respiratory system, the digestive system, the immune system, the hormone system and the nervous system.

Karina Schelde Soul Voice®

Emotions are a bridge that unites
body, mind and voice.
Emotions connect our soul and
subconscious, the internal web
which holds us together.
Without working consciously with
the emotional body, our vocal
healing ability and our expressions
remain restricted and limited.’

Karina Schelde

Karina Schelde Soul Voice®

Karina works with each student’s personal soundscape, sound healing abilities, unique creative expression and voice wisdom, creating a sacred container of trust, safety and playfulness, which allows the student to open even more up and go deeper.

Karina has a remarkable ability to harmonise and synergise groups of people, no matter their background, culture or unique personalities so that an undeniable and unshakeable sense of unity is present at every conference and seminar Karina presents.

Freeing your innate expression will set you free. By unleashing and experiencing the untapped power of our voice we liberate our whole being and limitless creativity; we awaken our authentic and playful self.’

Karina Schelde

Karina Schelde Soul Voice®

Another rare gift of Karina’s is that when speaking to an individual she can quickly pinpoint the core issue by listening intensively to their voice tonality and by witnessing them completely with her in-depth intuition and guidance. Karina’s ongoing vitality, powerful charisma and spontaneity combined with a refined compassion inspire students to soar in their own unique vibration, reach their ultimate potential and liberate their voice and themselves to the very depths.

Karina Schelde Soul Voice®

There may be no more potent way to heal the planet than by awakening our own innate capacities, and using the voice and its many creative expressions as a healing medium through all the systems of our own body - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.’

Karina Schelde

Karina Schelde Soul Voice®

Karina was born in Denmark where she worked as an actress and stage director in the 80ties.

After professional education in the alternative fields as a bodyworker, breathworker and coach she created a healing centre, where she dedicated her service for 6 years before embarking on her international travels, research and teachings in 1993.

I am Sound & Light
YOU are Sound & Light
WE are Sound & Light


My Heartfelt Gratitude:

To the Soul Voice® Community ~, to all the Students, Soul Voice® Practitioners & Teachers I have taught & mentored ~ you are an ongoing inspiration in my own growth and dedication.

Also my gratitude to Mother Earth & Father Sky ~ and to my spirit guides in my soul’s quest to awaken humanity to higher frequencies ~ to make a significant difference in this healing & so then of Planet Earth, with grace and in resonance.

Again Gratitude to all my Teachers for their Faith and surely to Life itself !

It is not possible to
express a false note
or a wrong sound.
Each sound is a perfect
expression of who you are,
and every sound and every
expression carries a unique
message for you.

Karina Schelde

The mystical power & wisdom of voice frequencies are immense and an ongoing journey to unravel.


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