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Personalised Retreats for groups

The following topics for personalized retreats are presented by Founder Karina Schelde or one of her Authorised / Accredited Soul Voice® Teachers.
We address tailor-made programs to organizations, private establishments or groups, businesses, institutions, schools and others…

The programs may include one or several of the following subjects:

  • Conscious Voicework Made Easy and Effective; ~
  • Awakening Communication and Leadership ~
  • Therapeutic Acting ~ Liberate your Self-Expressive Nature ~
  • Healing Through Sound Frequencies to Access the Subconscious and Cellular Memory ~
  • Emotional Intelligence & Embodiment of Emotions ~
  • Pain-Release Work and Reprogramming ~
  • The senses influence on the human voice and psyche approached with therapeutic voice work ~
  • Elementary & Telepathic Sound Healing ~
  • The Art of Relaxation, Rejuvenation & Meditation ~ The Art of Being ~
  • Move and Sound Your Destiny ~ Dance Your Sound Expression ~
  • Teachings & Practices from ‘Expression into Freedom’ Book ~
  • Sound Healing Rituals to the Inner Systems of the Body, and Celebrations ~
  • Sacred Self -Sound Healing to 21 Selected Virtues



The Soul Voice® method uses only the human VOICE.

‘The voice differs from any other instrument
because it has a heart and a soul
and therefore consciousness.
Our voice is a microcosmic resonance
through which our spiritual essence is expressed.’

Karina Schelde

Consciousness into tone of voice from the heart is fundamental to live in balance!
Express your fears & live your dreams!

Teacher Soul Voice®

Soul Voice® Teachers

The Authorised / Accredited Teachers are skilful and dynamic professional individuals, who support the Soul Voice® vision, based on Karina’s teaching.
They each offer their individual flavour & personality into their own compelling teaching.

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