Virtues to practice

You may practice the following VIRTUE at any time during the month…

21st of May

An amazing opportunity to rise and be uplifted through the guidance of Karina Schelde on a selected VIRTUE that will speak to your soul and body, thus allowing you to embody a deeper understanding of the qualities of this Virtue through sound healing, both to yourself as well as telepathically.

Launching a Global Sound Healing Meditation… YOU are invited to JOIN US in a unique experience on
the Virtue of TRUST at 9pm in your time-zone

The 21st of each month a NEW GLOBAL SOUND HEALING MEDITATION will be posted.

JOIN US at 9pm in your time-zone no matter where you are located.

We have the intention to create a powerful and significant wave of intentional sound healing
for our precious blue-green planet, in UNITY & HARMONY.
21 is a sacred number of transformation, evolution and unity. As we co-create, so shall we move mountains.
It is also recommended to eventually continue the VIRTUE practice every day for the following 21 days.
Repetition is always done with clear consciousness and intention.

Push Play and Enjoy!

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TRUST - Be guided by the virtue of TRUST

About Telepathic Sound Healing:

‘As part of our practice we work with sending collective, telepathic sound healing.

Telepathic sound healing is easy to practice and a way to extend our compassion to our fellow human beings and to all living beings on Planet Earth. It is a vibrational force that travels through the ether and works through pure intention. Telepathic sound healing offers a tremendous support for the Earth and its inhabitants and can truly uplift and significantly change the frequencies of our planet. ~ The more people that are gathered, the stronger the effect will be, but even more important than the number of people present is the purity of intent and the level at which those participating have refined themselves. The potential of what sound can do – for humanity, for troubled areas, for the Earth herself – is way beyond what we can imagine.

Karina Schelde Soul Voice® Virtues

We must first finetune our listening skills so we may once again HEAR the calling of this planet and so know what is needed individually & collectively. From there we soon realise that life is not an individual journey.

We cannot do this alone. It is about standing together in a a powerful & sustainable community of bodies and souls.

Karina Schelde

Soul Voice®
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